Environmental awareness events focused on marine plastic pollution in Pembrokeshire

Strand Line – Whitesands September 2020

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of marine plastic pollution the Trust, from time to time, hosts micro plastic beach cleans. Sadly, although the beautiful beaches of Pembrokeshire are immaculately clean, if you look closely at the strand line, after a high tide, you can often find micro plastic deposits.

In September 2020 the Trust hosted a socially distanced seafair@thebeach event at Whitesands, Pembrokeshire and invited the Pembrokeshire Sibling Group to come on a Nurdle Hunt with the PCC’s Eco Champion Mark Bond. Together they used the council’s new acquisition, the Trommel, to filter out the microplastic from the sand.  Working with Marine Biologist Amy Collard from the Darwin Centre they examined the finds and assessed their impact on the marine environment. They also had the opportunity to work with Land Artist Jon Foreman and create a unique sand picture. Although the event was land based, Forest & Beach School Practitioner, Melissa Holloway led a Nautical Know how session as a taster to life on board ship with maritime themed activities including essential knot skills and nautical terminology.

Sand art photos by Jon Foremean